Welcome to the Magento Laboratory!

eCommerceLab is your best solution to get your Magento online-shop up and running, to master your budget and timeframe and have full visibility of developped features.


  • With Magento Product Preview, no more need to browse through every product page to find what you need !

  • With Magento Ajax Infinite Scroll, no more need to browse through every result page to find what you need !

  • Get the state-of-the-art standards for your online shop.

Browse through our collection of services, and set up your prerequisites online! You will automatically see the price and delay. You can also select one of our premade package.

Customer-oriented, eCommerceLab is focused about delivering the best quality possible. Thus we are extremely careful about :

  • Code quality : W3C - compliancy, cross-browser compability, Magento's best practices, PHP coding guidelines
  • performance optimisation: deep cache Management, server optimisation, HTTP resources optimisation, etc.
  • state-of-the-art technology: always remain ahead of your competitors! (HTML 5 / CSS 3 ...)
  • advising you about strategy: best modules to install, useful Widgets, User experience optimisation


eCommerceLab also proposes ready-to-install extensions for Magento, for free or for a fee. Please browse through our collection of extensions !